Wednesday, 29 June 2016

First year of uni finished - update

Hey guys! So I have officially compleated my first year of university. Time will tell how my exams have gone! However I have really been putting off blogging. I don't know why but I seem to be in a large blogging dump at the moment, and I'm not sure why I am avoiding it as I do love blogging and I know I'd have good ideas if I thought about them. I have an idea for a little series on here all about uni and deciding if it's right for you and options and stuff so I am hoping to crack on with that soon and actually get some content up for you, as this blog was intended to help others and many are making the decision to go to uni so I think it will be really topical for you guys. I also want to do a few more reviews and such of course. At some point, I definitely want to start up my food blog again and my lifestyle blog, as it has been so long since I posted on my lifestyle blog. I will definitely be taking lots of photos when I go on holiday for that blog, and will hopefully get my arse in gear and take some more of my day to day business like I did last summer.

In terms of myself at the moment and what I am up to, I have recently decided to go 95% plant based with my diet. I'm trying to use the "V" word (vegan) as little as possible because I am yet to take the full commitment as such, but for the past few weeks I have definitely been 100% plant based and I hope to continue it 100% but I know that sometimes it may be impossible which is why I'm not saying I am going full vegan, if i do I will feel hypocritical and shitty if I mess up.

Since being at home, I have been catching up on all the TV shows I have missed while I've been revising so I've had a few relaxed weeks. I have also started doing Blogalaties again, which are free workouts and I love following her workout calendars. I am hoping to get a bit more active so I have a bit more content for you on my lifestyle blog in particular, as I haven't really got much to show you on there just yet. I decided to give the Harry Potter book series another read as it has been a few years since I read the whole series and its strange but it really feels like home when I give them a read! So i am loving being back in Harrys world again.

This summer I have a job, I work at a tapas bar in Leeds so it feels good to finally be earning some money. I am going on holiday with my boyfriend to the lakes, and also with my family to Brighton both of which I am excited about. I want to go on a few more day trips as well like I did last summer.

Anyway, this basically just a little fill in about what is going on in my life at the moment (boring stuff), and to let you know I haven't forgotten about blogging but I am definitely in a bit of a blogging dump at the moment, and I will hopefully start being a bit more active on here and on my Instagram ( @littleblogsfromlittlepeople.)
Lots of love,
Eleanor x

Sunday, 15 May 2016

How to revise

Hey guys! I am back after a long break (again.) My exams start next week so I have been focusing on them lately, it's hard to believe my first year at uni is nearly over, it's been a whirlwind! I am excited to get back into blogging when my exams have finished in about four weeks, and to post more on all three of my blogs, especially my summer/ lifestyle blog as that has been neglected since February, but I want to show you guys what I'll be getting up to this summer, and of course provide more recipes on my food blog, and more little thoughts/ reviews/ anything else on this blog! I thought I would do a little post on some revising techniques as many of you will be having exams like me and it can be super hard to be motivated to revise so here are some things that work for me!

1) Be realistic. There is no point setting yourself an unrealistic amount of work to do in a day, when the day comes you will feel even less motivated because of the sheer amount you have given yourself, set a reasonable target.

2) Create a timetable, or at least have a general idea of what revision you need to do that week. Plan this around your exams. Start with the closest exam, or you will feel unproductive revising for something that you still have a few weeks to revise for.

3) Keep hydrated.

 Keep sipping a drink while you work to keep your brain hydrated, water or juice, I like different types of tea so peppermint, green, berry teas. Maybe even a few lattes...

4) Snacking

 It is also important to eat during the day, keep a balance between healthy and unhealthy snacks, eating a sharing bar of chocolate as you eat is going to make you feel sluggish, so have a mix of fruit and nuts, as well as those penguin bars.

5) Treat yourself. Have little breaks, don't do too much in one day, time your revision if it makes it easy to make sure you have breaks. Have something to look forward too as well, organise things to do with your friends some evenings, that way you will feel more motivated.

6) Buy highlighters and pretty notebooks, it will make revision seem more appealing.

7) If it's getting too much....stop. It will be time for a break. Have a quick walk to the shop or watch friends for half an hour and then come back to your work.

I hope these tips have helped!
Lots of love,
Eleanor x

Friday, 22 April 2016

Empties #2

Hi Guys! I have been so busy with exams and uni work that blogging has unfortunately been pushed back with everything that has been going on! I have been saving my empties (when I remember!) for a while now so I thought it was time to write a blog post about them!

Nivea- Diamond Touch shower cream. I picked this up for a quid at boots as I had ran out of shower gel and wanted something cheap and quick! I do like the scent of this shower gel but I am not sure I would get again, I like to switch my shower gels up!

I use this product every day to take my makeup off and i love it! This one was especially for spot prone skin but I didn't really notice a difference with this and the original one. At the moment this is my go to makeup remover and I can't see myself changing anytime soon!

Love the smell of this body butter! So amazing and rich, I would defo get more of this!

First time trying the go fresh version of this deodorant, I really liked the scent, I would get this again.

 One of my usuals, I replenish this as soon as it runs out! I have been using this moisturiser a few years and I am defo gonna stick with it for now.

Another one of my usuals, using this shampoo for a number of years now and I love how soft it makes my hair, I have talked about this range a lot, still love it!

Another fave, my usual foundation which of course I have got more of, really helps with my spot prone skin. I am looking for a bit of a change but I am just not sure what else to go for!

Snow fairy shower gel! My all time fave lush product scent! I will be getting more come Christmas time.

Final product is this body shop raspberry shower gel! I love body shop shower gels they come in so many different scents and this raspberry one is one of my faves.

I hope you enjoyed this post, and hopefully I will post soon!
Lots of love,
Eleanor x

Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Randomise game review

Hey guys! Today i am reviewing something a little different than normal, not a book or a beauty product but a game. This game was sent to me to review and I honestly love it. My and my family love playing family games together and always have done and as a lover of Charades, Pictionary and Taboo, this game incorporates all of them into one.

I love the cards the game is printed on, they're really bright and it's such neat little packaging and so it will be easy to take on holiday with us which is what I will be doing! The premise of the game is to pick up three cards, someone will give you three numbers from 1-3. These cards will tell you what you are, how your feeling and what you're doing and you have to either describe, act or draw this to your partner who has to guess. For every one thing they get right they get a mark and if they get all 3 right you get an extra mark. It is honestly so fun and addictive, I think it would be great for kids as it can really expand their vocab, getting them to describe it, while also having lots of fun acting and drawing. For adults I would say the "easy" option on the cards is a bit too easy if you're describing so we make it a rule that if you're going to pick describe you have to pick the hard option! The combinations you can get are very funny, and watching people struggling to act out a scared rat making a fire, or trying to draw a handsome donkey skipping are even funnier still.

This is a really silly and fun game for people of all ages and I would definitely recommend it. You can buy it here for £10 from amazon.

Lots of love,
Eleanor x

Monday, 14 March 2016

Mental health awareness March- Bipolar disorder

Hey guys! Today's mental health awareness march post is on Bipolar disorder. Last week I talked about anxiety disorders and panic attacks and it was so nice to see you guys sharing and reading my post so thank you and I hope you continue to share this series and I hope it is helping people to become aware of mental illnesses and how the effect people.

Bipolar disorder is where a person suffers from very severe episodes of mania and depression. In a mania stage, one might be extremely happy, full of self-confidence and very loud.  In manic eppisodes people may make rash decisions, such as leaving their jobs, or spending lots of money. In a depressive stage they might be very sad, have difficulty sleeping and lack of self-confidence. In type 1 bipolar disorder, there is mania and mixed episodes, the person can feel very elevated or  have a mixed episode, which may include depression. In type 2 bipolar disorder, there is hypomania and depression, a less extreme mania, where they may feel energetic but do not loose touch with reality and can be often followed by a very depressive episode.

People with Bipolar disorder do go about their normal lives and symptoms can be treated, similarly exercise and eating right can often help some people. Most people with Bipolar have more depressive episodes than manic episodes, indeed many people can go for long periods of time without having any symptoms. Bipolar doesn't just affect mood either, it can affect energy, concentration, sleep patterns and self-esteem. People with bipolar are more likely to develop psychotic depression, where someone has lost touch with reality.

It has been found that without treatment bipolar can get worse, and getting into treatment is really important. It can require long-term treatment and often requires medication and therapy.

I hope this has enlightened you a bit more about bipolar disorder! If you would like to write a blog post about a mental illness, either the one discussed or a different one on my series please send them to You don't have to be a blogger, just have a wish to bring about awareness of mental illnesses.
Lots of love,
Eleanor x

Monday, 7 March 2016

Mental Health Awareness March- Anxiety and Panic attacks

Hey guys! Today is the first of my #mentalhealthawarnessmarch series, where I talk about a mental health problem and discuss it. If you missed my last post on this, I also ask for help from you guys so if you would like to blog about a specific mental illness on my blog this month feel free to send me your posts to They can be a story you want to share, what it is like living with one, or even just more of a fact sheet. If you don't want to blog about it but still want to support what I am doing please share my posts on social media and help raise more awareness!

Today I want to talk about Anxiety disorders and panic attacks. I am a sufferer of anxiety, and I know the first thing people always talk about is the fight or flight response and how this goes into overtime, so your body is in a near constant state of prepering to either fight or flight, just like you leanred in GCSE science, but knowing this didn't really help me. There is a difference between feeling anxious and having an anxiety disorder. Everyone feels anxious sometimes, new job, an exam ect but imagine having that anxious feeling the majority of the time, even when there is nothing to be anxious about. Or when there is something to be anxious about the worrying is sent into overdrive. That's what having anxiety is like.

Unfortunately due to the stress people are under today, having an anxiety disorder is becoming more and more common. Honestly now most people would consider themselves to have this mental illness, or most people have the symptoms of the disorder and I think that this is so bad that the everyday pressures are becoming so extreme that we feel like we can't cope under them, that getting onto a bus suddenly becomes something that is terrifying.

Panic attacks is another part of having an anxiety disorder, suddenly you feel faint, and your heart beats faster, you may have chest pains and feel unable to breathe. In a panic attack you may feel like you're going to die or you're having a heart attack and they can last for up to 20 minuets. They can be a very scary experience for people who have never suffered from them before

"My teeth would chatter uncontrollably and my whole body [would] tremble, I’d hyperventilate and cry with panic as the feeling that I was going to fall unconscious was so convincing"

Anxiety is definitly not something to joke about, it can be scary and it is a nightmare to live with, it makes everyday things hard, such as asking a question in scool/ lecture hall, or going out with your friends, or doing something you really want to such as learning to drive.

There are many ways to deal with anxiety however, and with the right treatment and coping stratagies, many people can get it under control. If you feel like you have an anxiety disorder, please go and see a doctor.
If you would like to blog about your experiences with anxiety for mental health awareness march, please send your blogs to me or contact my at
Lots of love,
Eleanor x

Saturday, 27 February 2016

Collection eye brow kit review

Hey guys! Today I am doing a review of collection's eyebrow kit review. I never particularly bothered with my eyebrows but recently I have been wanting to try new products on them. I really like this little kit, it's small and compact and there is quite a considerable amount of product. It comes with three powder colours, a blonde/ light brown one, a darkish brown one and a very dark brown/ black colour. It also comes with a  little clear brow mascara (which has now turned a murky brown colour but still comes out clear) which I really like, unlike say Rimmel's kit where you have to buy the brow mascara separately. The product also comes with a small angled brush and a flat brush. I personally don't use them, the brush is very small but it is actually a good brush and I have kept it for when I am doing my makeup on the go.

I use a mixture of the lightest and the middle colour for my eyebrows and it is the perfect colour. It lasts all day and the mascara helps shape and keep it on all day. My favourite thing about this product is that it is only £3 and it is a really good brow product. Despite it being cheap, the packaging is really nice, it doesn't feel flimsy or as if it will break and it comes with a little mirror which is cute and useful.

("You mean that used to be clear?")

I feel that for people who want to start to experiment with doing their eyebrows this is a really good product to discover what colour you need ect, as you haven't lost much money if it is wrong, but I personally feel the 3 colours would mean that the product will be the right colour for most people's eyebrows. I have been using this product everyday for about a month and as you can see I have barely made an indent in the colours.

My only concern is that the clear brow mascara is going to run out quicker than the product, and I may have to try and find a separate clear brow mascara to buy somewhere else as I don't want to buy the product again simply for the mascara or I will end up with loads of these kits!

I would definitely recommend this product as a high street brow kit for everyone. And the best part is if it isn't right for you, you've not lost much money!
Have you tried this? What do you think?
Lots of love,
Eleanor x